Friday, January 19, 2018

Photo: Daisy the Polar Bear

My wife found this little mask while looking at Valentines Day stuff. Seems rather more Christmas but it was cute.  

42 (2013 Film) Review

I've heard about 42 for a few years now. I don't know why I waited a few years to see this one. I guess it might have been that I saw Moneyball around the same time at home, and I suppose I wasn't in the mood for another baseball story at the moment. The film is about Jackie Robinson, who in 1947 joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the racist color barrier that kept African-Americans in separate (but certainly not equal) leagues. While there is a large amount of diversity in the MLB today, it seems crazy that this was ever a controversial issue. But Jackie Robinson made a lot of enemies simply because the color of his skin, but he paved the way for justice not only in baseball but in all fields of the American life.

Fact of the Day: Jackie Robinson Day

In 2004, the first Jackie Robinson day was held on April 15th which was the first day of his MLB career, he was the first African American player to make it to the majors since 1880. All players wear his number 42 (which is officially retired for the industry) to honor his legacy.   

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Things I Like: Cookatiel (Super Mario Odyssey)

 While not my favorite in the game, its hard to forget a giant bird like Cookatiel.

Photo: I Spy a Panda

This was taken in early January, after Daisy realized that surely the Valentine's Day stuffed animals were probably out. She wants them all, especially this panda with the red bow-tie. 

Fact of the Day: Arthur Tudor Of Winchester

While Henry VII took England's throne by conquest in the defeat of his distant cousin Richard III in the House of York, the need to cement his claim was immense. While Henry VII was descended from King Edward III, he also wanted to assert more ancestry than that. He had genealogists trace his descent back to the legendary King Arthur, and thus he named his first son Arthur (who died tragically in his teenage years) and had him born in Winchester which at the time was believed to be where the Camelot of legend was located. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Photos: Reptar Bar

 While nobody cared about us 90's kids in the 1990's, places are starting to care about the importance of millennial pop culture. I heard FYE had these Reptar Bars which was from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats.

Ghost in the Shell (2017 Film) Review

2017's Ghost in the Shell is based on a Japanese anime film of the same name from 1995 which itself was based on a manga series (same name as well) that started in 1989. I never read the original manga, but I did see the anime film back in 2012. While I really like anime, it wasn't my favorite, but I still thought it was a pretty good movie and story. The Hollywood version of Ghost in the Shell was criticized immediately for casting Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi as she's white and the cyborg character is suppose to be Japanese. This caused a lot of people to hate on the movie before it even came out, though ironically the movie had a better reception in Japan among fans there whom didn't seem to even remotely care about the white-washing of the cast. 

Fact of the Day: Cyborg

While cyborgs of fiction are often confused with robots and androids, they are organisms (in fiction often humans) that use both biological and artificial parts to their bodies. Thus cyborg is short for cybernetic organism.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kevin McCarthy Gives Trump His Favorite Candy

A lot of those who don't follow politics very well might not know who Kevin McCarthy is. He's the House Majority Leader and was the heir apparent to John Boehner's House Speaker job until he said something to tick off the extreme-right and they chose Paul Ryan instead. If Republicans want to save their seats in the 2018 mid-term elections, they'd want to distance themselves with Trump. However we see that's not the case with almost all of them. Kevin McCarthy is getting on Trump's good side by giving him a jar that he had filtered out where Trump only gets pink and red starburst as all the other flavors are kind of meh. While I agree on the flavors (who really likes lemon anyway?), is this the best the Republican House of Representatives is doing with their time? 

Photos: First Bowling Trip of 2018

 Daisy and I had stopped bowling last year in the middle of the summer (I think) out of laziness I suppose, but we went bowling the other day. It was a rainy day and the place was almost empty. Which I prefer, I hate bowling around morons and chaos.

Question: Do You Like Traditional Family Dinners?

By that I mean when everyone gets to a proper table at home, there is a large meal with a lot different things, where the patriarch/matriarch asserts authority making everyone abide by their rules. Typically there is talking and no television. I hated these as a child as I always felt so small and insignificant during them. I guess I'm not the only one because I can't really recall the last time I was ever at one except when I was a kid. Even during Thanksgiving, most of the time there isn't a table big enough for everyone, and everyone is given the chance to have a little bit of freedom of when to eat and where. 

Do you like family dinners? 

Fact of the Day: Martin Luther's Powerful Friends

When Martin Luther formed the first wave of Protestantism, he made his break with the Catholic church in a very pro-Catholic Holy Roman Empire since he lived in what is now modern-day Germany. While most men in a situation like that would be executed or exiled, Martin Luther was protected by powerful German princes who considered themselves Lutherans. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Photo: Daisy and Ash Pikachu

In early January, Daisy and I went to the better mall one city over to the west. She saw this pikachu at Gamestop. She didn't actually get it, but she does like to hug them. I did win her a Pikachu (much smaller) at Carowinds quite a few years ago. 

Story: No Name Paint

During my first year or two in a paint department, we had two guys come in with a used five-gallon paint bucket wanting more of it. Typically there is a label with the color's name on top, if not we can take some of the old paint and scan it with the computer eye though it's not as accurate. These guys had no lid and for some reason their bucket was crazy CLEAN. There was nothing I could use to get their color. The guy looks at me and says "why can't you do it, this is you guy's paint!" even though I had just explained why to him. That's one of the moments you hate working with the general public. A paint mixer is not a magician. 

Fact of the Day: Forrest Travolta

John Travolta had been the original choice for the lead role in Forrest Gump which eventually went to Tom Hanks. John Travolta later admitted that passing on it was a mistake. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

British Right-Winger Goes Super-Racist Over Meghan Markle

For many of my American friends, you'd probably never heard of the the UK Independence Party. Being a European country, the United Kingdom has multiple political parties and the UKIP is the most right wing of any of them with seats in government. If the UKIP was American, they'd basically be the Trump Deplorable/Tea Party folks. Their party leader Henry Bolton's girlfriend Jo Marney got caught texting that she hated Prince Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle because she was black (mixed race) and American and that would somehow "taint" the royal family.  

Photo: Bathroom Vanity Door

These came with the house when we got it, but the left door here was fine, but the hinges on the right door broke off several months ago. I'm not exactly Mr. Fix-It, so I delayed it for awhile. I had never done anything like replacing hinges and I was nervous I was going to get the wrong thing or do something to ruin the cabinet. My fears were met when I actually did get the wrong thing as all the hinges look the same and while we tried to find the right one, it wasn't. On the second try we got it right, and it was actually quite easy. I had a drill and a bit set, so it was much easier than I thought. 

Fact of the Day: Prince Plague

King Francis I of France's third son Charles came across houses that had been sealed off from plague. Foolishly he claimed that no prince of France had ever died from plague and rumors said he took dares to test his confidence out. He died of plague not long afterward. 

Things I Like: Mollusque-Lanceur (Super Mario Odyssey)

 While's he's got a funny name, Mollusque-Lanceur is probably my favorite boss in the whole game. He's basically a giant octopus thing that is causing trouble in the kingdom
You have to possess one of the small octopuses to beat him. Not exactly challenging, but pretty fun. 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Photos: College Football Desserts

 I saw these at our local supermarket, they are based on the two biggest teams in our area, Clemson Tigers (boo) and South Carolina Gamecocks (yay!).

Story: Faux Service Dog

At my work, they allow people to bring pets, however there was one lady recently who brought in her little dog wearing a "service dog" vest. It didn't matter as we allowed all dogs, but it's obviously not a service dog as the dog is just slightly older than being a puppy (and went a little crazy excited after it saw a baby looking at it) and she didn't appear to have any disabilities either. 

 But I mentioned I put my dog Zelda to sleep last year and she asked if I got a new dog. I told her I didn't get one especially as my house doesn't have a fence and my wife Daisy just isn't much of a pet person. Daisy hated taking my dog outside to do her business, and I doubt she'd be much help with a new dog. 

Fact of the Day: Battle of Marawi

The Battle of Marawi was a five-month long battle in 2017 between the Philippines and agents of ISIL who tried to take the Filipino city of Marawai (which is predominantly Muslim) as their own. The Filipino government emerged victorious with almost all of the thousand ISIL enemies there were killed. 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Photos: Haagen-Dazs Haywood Mall in Greenville South Carolina

 I've seen this Haagren-Dazs at least once before on a previous trip to Greenville, SC. Wasn't really in the mood then, but we were there again not long ago. I've heard of them for a long time (they are often in the freezer section at the supermarket) but I've never been to a real one.

Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) Season 1 Review

 Dragon Ball is something that I had loved since I was a kid. I barely remember the horrid original Harmony Gold dub of the original cartoon (which failed to take off in America, Dragon Ball Z became popular first in the USA), but I do remember how insanely popular Dragon Ball Z was during my middle school years. Dragon Ball GT was garbage, but the newer movies Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Revival F were much better at creating new stories in the Dragon Ball Z universe. So much so that they were convinced that they could use those stories for a brand new series. So the first season mainly is just what happens in Battle of Gods.

Fact of the Day: Man Made Satellites

There are well over 2,000 active satellites orbiting the Earth, Russia leads with over half that number. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Photos: Showmars and Sbarro

Daisy really likes going to the mall in Greenville, South Carolina because it's better than our local mall. It's not a long drive, so we go there every now and then. She wanted to try Showmars which is a restaurant I'm not really familiar with. It's a mix of American and Greek food, Daisy got some burger, onion rings, and fries.

Things I Like: Christmas Peeps

I got these for Christmas this year. Peeps seem to be a love-it or hate-it kind of thing but I love them in moderation. I usually like a few every Easter, but this is the first I can remember getting them during Christmas. While the vast majority of peeps are made just for Easter, they do try to make peeps for every major holiday. 

Fact of the Day: Thomas More

Thomas More had a very interesting life, he had an active role in the government of King Henry VIII, and also wrote a book called Utopia which coined the term and established the concept. He was ultimately executed for opposing King Henry VIII's break with the Catholic Church and refusing to change. In the 20th century, the Catholic Church made him a saint. The Soviet Union also honored him as Utopia featured a lot of "communist" ideas. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Photo: Big Cute Husky

As I mentioned before, Daisy is a big fan of stuffed animals and husky dogs. We saw this big husky dog at Toys R Us before Christmas. You know she wanted it, but she has too many, especially stuffed animal huskies.  

The Tudors (Season 1) TV Series Review

As a fan of history, I will say certain kings do get more of the spotlight than others. Henry VIII's father Henry VII won the right of the throne of England through conquest (though he did claim to be the rightful heir of the House of Lancaster during the War of the Roses) though his son became far more notable in history. You'd have to be asleep in history class to forget that Henry VIII changed the history of England by turning the country Protestant so he could divorce his first wife and later had rather ...interesting marriages later. While the House of Tudor include all monarchs from Henry VII to Elizabeth I, The Tudors TV series is really only about the the reign of King Henry VIII.

Fact of the Day: Charles Karl

The English name Charles is taken from a French version of the Germanic name Karl. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Things I Like: Knucklotec (Super Mario Odyssey)

 Knucklotec is one of the main bosses in Super Mario Odyssey. My first thought was of the boss Bongo Bongo from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Photos: Christmas as Daisy's Parents House

We drove there Christmas night, they usually hold a dinner on Christmas Eve, but it was Christmas day this year. My wife got a Lego Buckingham Palace from her brother. 

Fact of the Day: Jehovah Witness Jesus

While Jehovah Witnesses are considered (by most) part of Christianity, what they believe does differ quite a bit from the mainstream. They believe that Jesus Christ and the archangel Micheal are the same being, just a different name and form on Earth versus in heaven. Instead of a cross, they believe Jesus died on a upright post.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Things I Like: Torkdrift (Super Mario Odyssey)

 Probably my least favorite boss in Super Mario Odyssey but I still liked it. Almost like a weird hybrid UFO meets flower petal.

Photos: Fixing the Bedroom Door Knob

Awhile back my door knob handle came "apart" but still worked. But sides seemed like they were repelling each other. I never put a door knob together so I assumed something inside had broken and that was it. But as I was looking on how to install a new door knob (seemed simpler than I imagined), I figured there might be something I could do to fix my current one.

Fact of the Day: Friendly Quokkas

Despite being wild and not domesticated, the marsupial species quokkas are usually quite friendly around humans and generally do not fear them. However they advise you not try to interact with them or feed them for various reasons. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Photo: IHOP and Sam's Club

On Christmas Eve morning, my mother calls me and asks if Daisy and I wanted to go to IHOP. I usually like going, but we had already done so much during that week, I didn't want to part with much more of my dough. After I declined, my mother said the breakfast was on her. Daisy sure jumped on the chance to go, she does like going out to eat. 

Favorite Quotes: Sun Worship

"So rather than be just another mindless religious robot, mindlessly and aimlessly and blindly believing that all of this is in the hands of some spooky incompetent father figure who doesn't give a s#%t, I decided to look around for something else to worship. Something I could really count on.

And immediately, I thought of the sun. Happened like that. Overnight I became a sun-worshipper. Well, not overnight, you can't see the sun at night. But first thing the next morning, I became a sun-worshipper. Several reasons. First of all, I can see the sun, okay? Unlike some other gods I could mention, I can actually see the sun. I'm big on that. If I can see something, I don't know, it kind of helps the credibility along, you know? So everyday I can see the sun, as it gives me everything I need; heat, light, food, flowers in the park, reflections on the lake, an occasional skin cancer, but hey. At least there are no crucifixions, and we're not setting people on fire simply because they don't agree with us."

-George Carlin

Fact of the Day: Tree Headache

While aspirin was created in the modern age, the aspirin of the olden age were the the bark and leaves of willow trees. 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Photo: R2D2 Sith

Okay maybe droids can't be Sith Lords, but it seems that this R2D2 fell to the dark side. On a serious note, I thought it was cool to see this neat R2D2 display near some phone-controlled mini-droids that are popular lately.  

A Look Into Video Games: Super Mario Bros. Special (Japan-Only)

Besides ports of their arcade games to Atari systems, Nintendo kept most of their games on their own systems. However before the late 90's, they weren't afraid to release some things on PCs. Super Mario Bros. Special was created by Hudson for some Japanese only computers. 

Fact of the Day: Obama vs Trump on Golfing

Despite criticizing Barack Obama for golfing so much during his two terms, in their first calendar year Obama had golfed 27 times, Trump had done about three times that number. Trump numbers are hard to verify as when he stays at his own resorts, they don't make the golf outings known to the press. Most estimates range from the upper 80's to the lower 90's. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Photo: Christmas Cake

 I never had cake on Christmas, but Daisy wanted some after I had gotten a Thanksgiving-themed cake for the last few Thanksgivings. We went to the bakery department at Publix and I requested something Christmas themed. I was hoping for something more creative, but the faux poinsettias are nice.

Story: Eggshell Lady

At my work in a paint department, we had a lady with an accent come in, she was one of those people that many of my co-workers avoided like the plague. She was rather old but not that old, but her attitude was sour and bitter as no matter what you said could make her happy. She wanted a paint sample one day but complained that it was too much. She had a few rental houses and she then wanted an eggshell color paint

Fact of the Day: Underground Water

While most people think that the vast majority of fresh water is in our lakes and rivers, the amount of all of them is actually quite small compared to the water located underground. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Photos: Daisy Christmas Watch and Tablet

 I'm not a very materialistic person, but Daisy sure is. She is still giddy to open up presents on Christmas morning.

Fact of the Day: Prince in India

As Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII took a several-month tour of India. He was noted to had treated every man the same regardless of skin color, social rank, or religion. He also expressed how he thought it was horrid the way some British officers were treating the natives.